Friday, 20 January 2012

Forgive me,,,my dear..

Sory I can't wait you anmore,,even I know u went juz 4 awhile.. I wait u about one month,, I'm alone,,, I keep my problem alone.. I do all work alone wthout you.. it was very HURT!!I feel like smone who was have no future,, I think better I break our rlationship.. but I promiz I'll keep yr nme in my heart,, I promiz will save our memory... thanks for your sacrfy,I know u alwayz care about me,,that's why I never forget u,, belif me u willl get smone that prettier than me,,smart than me... and very nice... I miss u a lot.. don't be sad,, I know I was unhonest,,and I betray yr love..forgive me dear.. let me find my future and left our comitment...please accept it..;-(

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