Wednesday, 25 January 2012

confius & sad

Today,,i feel so guilty..why he call me suddenly??now i am so sad,, i dont know how to cho0se...
even i know a both of them so kind.. but i need to choose one only,,refresh to the memory or future?
which one?? he ask me to wait 4 him,, it is so hurt!! i need a cmpany,, the best cmpany,,why u are not the best now like before?now i have smone that i love,,i'am happy now,, why should u come to me now?why not before?before i found smone to rplace you..?why??i am not baby doll that u can play when u want it,, i am a person who has feeling..u have full my heart before,,my heart was yours,,bt now it was not yours.. even,,i am still luv u bt i can't accept u anmore..;-(

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